Randy & Fox

Two best friends investigate small town peculiarities which unravel into epic high stakes adventures in this new series developed for Nickelodeon by Dan & Jason.  

Bear & Bird

The most recent short from creators, Dan & Jason, Bear & Bird won big at the 2015 Ottawa International Animation Festival taking home the prize for Best Children's Series.  It's currently in development as a new preschool series so stay tuned for more news.


Tough talking detectives, Harry and Callaham, are on the case in this new short film from director Peter Sluszka.  Follow along with production on Instagram @hardboiledfilm.

Rocket Monkeys

They may not be the brightest monkeys in the universe, but they’re certainly the most entertaining. TELETOON’s original series Rocket Monkeys, created by our very own Dan & Jason, introduces the world to brothers Gus and Wally, two inept monkeys who spend their days wreaking havoc on an intergalactic scale.  2016 Winner for Best Animated Series at the Canadian Screen Awards.

Goat & Aaron

Living in a visually rich world of textures and expansive landscapes, Goat & Aaron is a touching personal short from Hornet director Gabe Askew. 

The Mutant Cleaners

Evil is about to get taken to the cleaners with this new series from Rocket Monkeys creators, Dan & Jason.  This series is represented by Bejuba! Entertainment.


Meet Colosse, festival darling and the star of Hornet director Yves Geleyn's short Colosse - A Wood Tale.

Now, Colosse isn't ordinary by any means; he just so happens to be a very tall, wood robot puppet who doesn't know his own strength, much less what his strings are up to.

Marilyn Myller

Marilyn Myller is a short film by BAFTA Award winning director Mikey Please. After premiering at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and winning the coveted McLaren Award for Best British Animation, the film enjoyed a highly successful festival run.

Office Buddies

At this office, it's the screw-ups vs. the higher ups!

Office Buddies follows the misadventures of four misguided office mates who take on the maniacal management of a sinking carpet company. Even the most banal situations transform into comical, awkward, and bizarre moments when co-workers Ted, Emma, Matt and Carl find themselves in each other's company!

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